Dom Aversano and Shizuku Tatsuno will perform music from 2018 album Geometric as well as new music, in a night that will combine Indian rhythm and Western harmony, with unique compositions inspired by four geometric shapes: a trapezium, pyramid, circle, and crescent. Performed on the handpan, cello, and percussion, the compositions range from intense and intricate, to slowly evolving and meditative.

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Dom Aversano
A multi-instrumentalist percussionist and composer whose primary instrument is the handpan – a new Swiss instrument invented in 2001. Influenced by South Indian Carnatic music, his music explores patterns related to geometric forms, and ideas around expanding and contracting time.

Shizuku Tansuno
A rising and versitile talent on the cello, Shizuku regularly performs classical and contemporary music in London and her native Japan.

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